12″ Thick Collagen Stick

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12″ Thick Collagen Stick

40-60g each

Appropriate for small dogs/light chewers and medium dogs/medium chewers

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Collagen sticks: a premium wellness solution meticulously crafted to uplift your dog’s overall vitality and happiness.

These innovative supplements blend the power of collagen, a fundamental protein, with a tempting treat-style format, creating a rewarding way to support your furry friend’s well-being.

With each collagen stick, your canine companion is treated to a dual benefit:

#1: rich collagen content helps bolster joint strength and mobility, ensuring your dog can continue to frolic and explore with youthful exuberance.

#2: the nourishing effects of collagen contribute to a luxurious coat that shines with health, while also promoting skin resilience.

This dynamic combination makes collagen sticks an ideal addition to your dog’s daily routine, offering both a flavorful indulgence and a reliable means of promoting their overall health. Elevate your dog’s wellness journey with collagen sticks – a tasty delight that pampers from the inside out.

Refer to the chew guide graphic for guidance on which size chew is right for your pup.

🐾 – small dog (under 20 lbs); light chewer
🐾🐾 – medium dog (20-40 lbs); medium chewer
🐾🐾🐾 – large dog (40-80 lbs); heavy chewer
🐾🐾🐾🐾 – giant dog (80+ lbs); extreme chewer


Dog sizes are approximate and are suggestions only. Please also consider the chewing behavior of your dog for best selection.

When in doubt or just getting started, defer to the dog’s weight and see how they do while chewing the treat. Size up or down if needed based on chew style.


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